Black and white Christmas dress

Dress: Sha & Sha, Top: Street One (both previous seasons)

In my last blogpost for 2017 I would like to show you one of my most versatile dresses for special occasions. I have worn this dress at (dinner) parties, at a wedding, to a funeral and I will probably wear it to one or more of the many Christmas events we will attend next week. It is chique and playful at the same time, totally wrinkle-friendly, very comfortable, full of special details and both practical boots and high heels combine well with it. Of all the special details, I like the frill collar most. It reminds me of the dress worn by Snow White’s stepmother. Story lover that I am, this is an additional bonus for me.

Party shoes (Stravers) and teaching boots (Dansi) both go well with this dress.

Mirror Talk

By the way, do you realise that the mirror talk of Snow White’s stepmom in the fairy tale would actually be a very good thing to do? Well…….only if you’d change it a bit. Exchanging the narsistical element for a motivational one would make the needed difference. When you look in the mirror each morning and say something positive to yourself about yourself, you will give your day a good start. And if you repeat the same positive message to yourself over a period of time, you will give your self-esteem a boost. It’s a very good tip for kids as well, since they are usually very open for this kind of activities.

I have found two awesome links for you with more information about mirror talk. The first link will give you some inspiration what to say to yourself to get a confidence boost. The second one will teach your more about the technique of mirror talk.

May your holidays be as diverse as the patterns of this dress, your (family) gatherings as warm as this dress and may your mirror talk bring lots of positivity for you and your loved ones in the New Year.

Season Greetings,


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    1. Thank you Nancy. I can imagine you love the different prints, since you are very daring and creative in combining prints and styles. Wishing you a Merry Christmas too. Love, Lieske

    1. Thanks Elle. I also prefer a low maintenance wardrobe and look stylish at the same time. This really is a perfect example of it. Happy New Year to you as well. Love, Lieske

  1. I wouldn’t mind owning that dress too. Although on me it would be too short. I was looking at the description saying “top: Street One”. I know the brand but couldn’t see a top. Took me rather a long time before I realised the sleeves were ot part of the dress. I always forget this trick and disregard any sleeveless dresses. Stupid.
    As for the mirror talk: that will indeed help. I am one of these annoying people who doesn’t need it haha. I can tell you, starting a blog will boost your self-confidence a lot as well 😉.
    Hope you will have a very happy 2018.

    1. Hi Greetje. I totally agree with the confidence boost of starting a blog. I love it so much and it really feels good looking at the results of your own creativity. Wishing you a very happy 2018 as well with maybe a sleeveless dress or two 😉. Love, Lieske

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