Grey day, grey day

Jumper: Yes or No (new), Skirt: Esprit, Boots: Andrés Machado (previous seasons)

In winter we have a phenomenon in Switzerland that is called: ”unten grau, oben blau”. It means that the days can be cloudy and grey in the lower areas of the country and that you can have a beautiful blue and sunny sky when you get higher into the mountains. Some days you just have to look actively for some sunshine.

Since grey is a colour that suits me very well I own quite some grey clothes. This outfit is even 100% ton sur ton. Imagine how ton sur ton I am on an average grey winter day here!

It’s also definitely an outfit for outside the classroom for me, since the boots would be too much of a challenge for a whole day of teaching.

You can imagine that I love the boots though. They literally make me some centimetres taller, which is a big bonus for a petite like me. I also love what they do for the whole picture. The skirt is quite serious and the boots make the outfit more playful.

I would also like to show you a ton sur ton outfit with the same jumper that is very suitable for the classroom. You may recognize the trousers from my sailor outfit. They are great for winter and summer, so extremely versatile. For the colder days, I can combine them with this warm ruffled jumper and my fluffy bag.

Jumper: Yes or No (new), Trousers: Tally Weijl, Boots: Hobbs, Bag: Maddison (previous seasons)

In case it is a grey day when you are reading this blogpost, keep in mind that some days you just have to create your own sunshine!

Which of my two grey ton sur ton outfits do you like most?




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  1. Well, you see, the sweater in the outfit with the skirt looks dark blue. So now I am wondering whether you have that sweater in two colours. I suppose not as you say it is an all grey outfit. I wouldn’t be able to choose. They are both good. I suppose it depends on the weather and where you go to. I have to mention your pretty bag in the trouser outfit. That is really cute!!

    1. Hi Greetje. Now you have mentioned it, they look like two different jumpers, don’t they? It’s basically due to the different background and the difference in grey sky when we took the two sets of photos. Trust me: it’s the same one! As for the bag, I love it a lot too. It gives the term ‘doggy bag’ a complete new meaning! Thanks for your compliments. Love, Lieske

  2. Each piece is beautiful here and skillfully combined! I know what you mean about seasonal changes and reaching out for the light ! How different a subject looks in different lighting!

    Fascinating !

    Love the texture of the fur bag! Very nicely worded and photographed!

    \\xoxo Elle

    1. Dear Elle. Thanks so much for your kind words. It’s so nice when a native speaker compliments you on your use of language. Thank you.
      As for the photos and the story: it’s amazing indeed what a difference light makes (in more than one sense). Have a great week! Love, Lieske

    1. Thank you for your kind words and wishing you a year filled with light as well. I am sure you will do everything in your power to create a fantastic 2018. Love, Lieske

  3. I’m a great believer in creating your own sunshine so this post really hit home for me. You look lovely and the difference in light quality in the two shoots is amazing!

    1. Hi Michelle. I know how you feel about positive thinking by regularly reading your blogposts, so yeah, this blogpost is one to your heart. Thanks so much for your kind words. Have a great weekend. Love, Lieske

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