Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change

Coat: Yes or No, Dress: Zara, Boots: Dansi (all previous seasons)

I just love this dress. Although I bought it a few years back, it still is one of my favourite winter ones. It is warm, wrinkle-friendly, combines well with knee-high boots and is easy to cycle and move around in. By now you will know how much I value many of these characteristics in my outfits for school.

For a long time my husband has had a completely different view on the same dress. It reminded him of a rug (oh yeah) and therefor he really didn’t like it at all. That, of course, was something I didn’t like at all. One day, after seeing some work of Escher, inspiration hit me…..

Escher style


I told my husband that the dress was actually inspired on Escher’s art. Being familiar with Escher’s work and liking it, my husband all of the sudden thought it was actually a rather interesting dress and he even kind of likes it now. I know it is not a life saving thing to change, but you all know how much I appreciate small changes.

A completely different view and you see things differently; you actually see different things!

Chose the positive point of view

I think that changing the way you look at things is something very powerful. When you look at things from a more positive point of view than you might have done initially, you will be amazed at the effect this has. You see options instead of obstacles. If you do so on a regular basis you will be happier than before and that’s just great, isn’t it? One way to do so is described here: The details make the difference in the end

Let me give you another (more serious) example from my own experience.

Last week one of my pupils told me I should really reschedule a test, because the test was on his birthday. He looked properly angry and really stressed. I understood the negative emotions. I then looked at him, smiled and answered: “I know it seems like bad planning, but you know what? That planning is actually just perfect for you. It means that there is no test for you to learn on your birthday so you can enjoy an afternoon with friends, presents and lots of yummy birthday cake.” Same date, same test: happy kid.

Change of perspective.

Change of perspective

I am sure that you have got some experiences yourself, situations in which a change of perspective has indeed created a real change for you. If not, just keep your eyes and ears open for situations in which you can look at things differently and create a positive change. Opportunities enough!

What is your favourite story of a changed perspective that you want to share as an inspiration for others?



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    1. Hey Nancy. Thanks. The dress is fantastic indeed. Such good quality. It looks like new although it’s an old one plus I just love the timeless pattern. Have a great weekend! Lieske

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