Burgundy dress

Dress: Only, Boots: Dansi, Top: H&M (all previous seasons)

You will have noticed by now that I love dresses and I often wear them to school as well. Rain, wind and cold may challenge me, but leggings and knee-high boots help me face these challenges when cycling to school. This dress is a perfect example of a dress that is pretty and practical at the same time.

Why I love this dress

The dress is easy to cycle in plus it is very comfortable to move around in, which is great for a teacher, since that is what we do a lot in class. On top of that I consider the dress very belly friendly, which is another kind of comfortable. The length and relatively high waist are perfect for petites and the burgundy colour is one of the trend colours for this autumn season. I seem to have some fashion vision, since I bought this dress a year ago.

Matching accessories

Accessories that I often combine with this dress are the necklace, scarf and bag in the photo below. All three are gifts long before I had this dress and they are just perfect, aren’t they? If I really want to dress up, I even have got a matching hat!

Hat: H&M (children’s department, previous season). Other accessories are gifts (brands unknown)

The colour burgundy

Did you know that the name burgundy comes from the Burgundy wine from France? The funny thing is that the French refer to the same colour using another French wine region: Bordeaux. Well, what’s in a name, right?

What burgundy item are you wearing this autumn?



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    1. Hi Nancy. I was travelling very light, so only the necklace made it to Holland as you can see. The colour are great indeed, aren’t they? So warm they can easily beat colder days!

  1. Indeed a very nice dress on you. The burgundy/bordeaux agrees with you. As a necklace lover I highly approve of yours.
    The skirt of the dress is wide and not too long so be careful with bending over 😂.

    1. Hi Greetje. Thank you! You are so right about the length. It is the shortest dress I dare wearing to school for exactly the challenge your were pointing out! The necklace is great isn’t it? Since I love pink and grey it is one I can often wear and pimp up my outfits with. Love, Lieske

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