‘Lacy’ lady meets H.C. Andersen in Copenhagen

Sweater: Tally Weijl, Sunglasses: Cerjo (all previous seasons)

For those of you who would like to add a statement piece to an outfit, but who prefer to refrain from necklaces (which I can imagine if you are a kindergarten teacher for example), a pullover like this one would be a perfect choice. The black lace works like a necklace. It adds that little extra to a comfy and simple sweater and the lace drags the eyes upward, which is a valuable little extra for petites like me.


The photos in this blogpost are all are taken in Copenhagen, a city I can highly recommend to visit. Copenhagen is full of castles and parks, offers a wide variety of museums, good shopping and the nearby sea adds that little extra to the city.

Sweater: Tally Weijl, Sunglasses: Cerjo, Trousers: Jacqueline de Yong, Shoes: Vans (all previous seasons)

H.C. Andersen

The gentleman above is mister H.C. Andersen; Denmark’s most famous author. He has written plays, novels, poems and his famous fairy tales of course. Did you know that the world’s most prestigious prize in children’s literature is named after him (the Hans Christian Andersen Medal)? His birthday, the 2nd of April, is also linked to children. That day is celebrated as International Children’s Book Day.

The little mermaid

‘The little mermaid’ is one of his well-known fairy tales and I think it is very apt that she has become a symbol for the city of Copenhagen. The statue is one of the main attractions of Copenhagen and surprisingly small. Talking about surprisingly: Did you know that the Disney version of H.C. Andersen’s ‘Little Mermaid’ has got lots of wise lessons in it? It’s often Sebastian, the crab, who delivers these insightful tips. I have selected five of them for you; another little extra of this week’s blogpost.

“You want something done, you have to do it yourself.”

“Children have to be free to lead their own lives.”

“You’ve got your own style, now let it shine through and remember no matter what, you got to be you.”

“If everybody got somebody by the hand, maybe everyone could learn and understand.”

“If you’ve got a tiny little dream, all you have to do is think about it, work on it every day, and you’ll get it.

I am sure you have enjoyed this little city trip to Copenhagen and your meeting with H.C. Andersen. What is your favourite quote from the ‘Sebastian’ list?




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  1. Very difficult to choose a favourite quote. They are all so good. I was thinking about the children to be free to lead their own lives … so very trye. But I chose: “You’ve got your own style, now let it shine through and remember no matter what, you got to be you.”
    Well done Sebastian.
    I have been to Copenhagen too. With my best friend. Lovely city.
    Your sweater is very nifty. It works on you. Would be bad for me (no need to draw attention to broad shoulders haha).

    1. Thanks Greetje. I also like all of them. If I look at your blog I can totally imagine that you like the style quote. You definitely have got your own style and you shine girl! Love, Lieske

    1. Hi Yvonne. I understand exactly what you mean. It’s a fantastic feeling working on your dream, isn’t it? Love, Lieske

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