Weekend in Munich, weekend full of contrasts

View of Munich from the Maximilianeum.

Today is the start of the ‘München Oktoberfest’, so I am sure that this view will be slightly different the coming few weeks. I took this photo last April, when we visited Munich. Living in Switzerland, Munich is kind of around the corner, so perfect for a short city trip. 


It is an excellent city to explore by bike, which we did. We tremendously enjoyed the green cycle lanes along the Isar river and through the many parks the city has to offer; a sharp contrast with the busy city centre, jammed with shops, traffic and people. Of course we went to the Marienplatz to admire the Old and New Town Hall. Talking about contrasts: The new one (see photo below) looks much older than the old one.

As soon as I noticed these contrasts, I continued seeing more of them during our weekend trip. That’s the way the brain works, doesn’t it? We all see the same things, but our brains decide what information to take in and how to process it; meaning we all have our own view on the same event. These views can be very diverse, as you can imagine. An interesting phenomenon and being aware of it is very helpful in your communication with others. Back to Munich now!

Angel of piece

Close to the river you can see this beautiful monument, called the Angel of Peace. What you can’t see on the photo is that the angel has got an olive branch in one hand and a small statue of the Greek Goddess Athens (the Goddess of war) in the other one. War and piece literally go hand in hand here.

Bicycle friendly outfit

Though it was pretty sunny end of April, temperatures were still low, so I opted for a rather warm and bicycle friendly outfit (details at the end of this blogpost).

These photos were taken at two beautiful places, at the Königsplatz (left) and at the Maximilianeum (right). Beautiful as it is now, the Königsplatz was an important square during the Nazi regime, while the Maximilianeum is the seat of the Bavarian state parliament.


Nympfenburg Palace & Dachau

Another beautiful building that we visited was The Nympfenburg Palace. It’s a summer residence, originally outside the city. Its grounds are huge and the symmetry of it is very appealing.

Imagine the contrast of that place of peace and leisure with our last stop before heading back home: Dachau.

Once again we visited a place with huge grounds and lots of symmetry; nothing of it appealing though.

We left with heads and hearts full of contrasting experiences.



Boots: Blox, Trousers: Jacqueline de Yong, Shirt: H&M,  Jacket: Only, Sunglasses: Cerjo (all from previous seasons)   

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