How you can wear shorts to school as a teacher


For me shorts are something I almost only wear in my free time. As a teacher you should make sure your outfits do not signal “party time” or “let’s go to the beach”. That’s why you should be careful wearing shorts to school as a teacher. But does that mean that you can never wear shorts as teacher?

Well, I think you can, provided they have got a classy look. That’s why these shorts are definitely the exception to the rule. 

Upgrading your shorts with a classy colour and stylish lace

The dark blue colour and lace make these short really classy. They are very comfortable at the same time, which is a must for school outfits, since you move around a lot as a teacher.

Striped top with long sleeves to counterbalance the shorts

The top is another example of an exception to the rule. The vertical stripes isn’t the first thing on your list of must-wears as a petite. On the contrary! But look how the tight fit combines perfectly with the somewhat looser short and how the long sleeves balance the short length of the shorts. The colour scheme of the top matches the classy blue and the bright colours in the top pimp up the rather dark colour blue at the same time.

You know Picasso’s opinion about rules, right?

Breaking the rules

“Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist.”

This blogpost is an example how to do it fashion-wise, but you can actually this wise lesson in many areas of life. Just remember that if you want to excel in something, you first need to invest time and energy in mastering the skill before you can start experimenting and playing with it.

Shorts: Only, Shirt: H&M, Bag: New Yorker, Sunglasses: Cerjo

How do you feel about wearing outfits that are breaking some kind of fashion rule (or all kind of fashion rules)? And in which area of life have you used Picasso’s lesson to “learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist.” I would be happy reading your experiences in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading and find your inner artist to break some rules that you have acquired as a pro!




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