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You will know from previous blog posts that I am very much aware of my outfits in the classroom. See: My personal 5 fashion rules. As a teacher you set an example. To put it simply: ‘walk your talk’.

The beginning of a new school year is always a good time to set new goals, so let me share some of my teacher’s thoughts with you. If you have got another profession, you should definitely keep on reading as well. ‘Walk your talk’ applies to all of us; so enjoy the read, reflect on it and find out for yourself how you can ‘walk your talk’ even more than you already do.

Appropriate summer clothes

If you want your pupils to take their learning process seriously, leave your Hawaii shorts and flip-flops at home during the summer months and wear more appropriate summer clothes. Remember that you want to get a positive learning environment instead of a holiday spirit in your classroom.

Healthy food

If you give advice on how important it is to eat healthy, show your pupils that you eat healthy yourself. One of my colleagues deliberately puts his apple on his desk every morning and he makes sure to always eat an apple while having his weekly round on the schoolyard during break time.

Positive language

If you want your pupils to use positive language in your classroom, make sure your own communication is positive as well. It is often about small changes in the way you deliver your message, like I have written about in this blog post: The details make the difference in the end


If you tell your pupils that it is important to plan ahead, do so yourself. Make sure you have got your material in order and your correction work done the day you have promised, just to mention a few things. They will appreciate this as much as you appreciate their planning.

Happy start of the new school year!

I am positive that your behaviour, outfits and communication will be in line with your goals as a teacher (or mum, friend, daughter, wife…..). If you are happy with yourself and with your life, this will all come rather naturally. If you decide to finetune your ‘walk your talk’ even further, something else will come rather naturally as well: mistakes. They are an inevitable part of any learning process.

As a teacher you will probably tell your pupils that they have to make mistakes in order to learn something. So, let’s embrace our own mistakes as well to stimulate our personal learning processes as much as we stimulate our pupils’ ones.

Happy start of the new school year!



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