Tips for happy summer days

Dress: H&M (previous season, children’s department!), Cardigan: Yes or No (previous season), Sunglasses: Cerjo

Summer is in full swing here in Switzerland and I hope it is the same where you live. Some of you will enjoy a vacation during the summer months and others will enjoy a staycation. Well, happy summer days can be found everywhere. Some super simple summery suggestions:

Bag: New Yorker, Sunglasses: Cerjo

  1. Have a picnic

Organise a potluck picnic with some friends or surprise your partner with a romantic one!

  1. Go for a swim

The days are longer and the water is warmer.

  1. Enjoy the sunset

Is there a better way to end a happy summer day?

  1. Enjoy an open air concert or cinema

It’s always a good thing to change a routine, so swap your ordinary cinema or concert hall for an open air one.

  1. Exercise outdoors

Exercise is good for you; research has shown that 30 minutes of moderate exercise each day is good for body and mind.

  1. Do a digital detox

I work a lot on my computer for school and recently even more now I’ve started blogging. Breaking the digital routine is a good way to relax and it often leads to new, creative ideas.

  1. Try out different ice creams, salads or cocktails

Food and drinks just taste so much better when you can enjoy them outside.

  1. Plant some flowers or herbs in your garden or on your balcony

Enjoy the colours, fragrances and flavours.

  1. Read some great novels

It’s a perfect way of going elsewhere while staying where you are.

Hat: H&M, Sunglasses: Cerjo

Remember: Tans will fade, but memories will stay forever. What is your best tip for happy summer days?




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