What a mix!

A friend of mine has given me this lovely weck jar with all the dry ingredients for a yummy cake in there. I think I will wait a while with my baking; the jar just looks great as it is in my kitchen. What I especially like about it, is that different ingredients in different quantities will eventually make a fantastic end product, a bit like a class of pupils really.

My pupils form a mix of different characters, backgrounds, cultures, interests and more. Like the ingredients in my jar can make a great cake, my pupils can make a great class. As with the cake I just need to take the different ingredients to start with, add the necessary missing items, stir or steer, and let the baking process do its work while keeping an eye on it and making adjustments where necessary.

In the case of my jar the ingredients and outcome are given. When teaching I work with different ‘ingredients’ each time and still my goal is the same, achieving a great end product. Look at it this way; teaching is often like an empty-your-fridge-recipe. The most curious mix of ingredients often leads to some of the best possible end products!

That’s why teaching is such a creative and rewarding job and why I love my job so much. How about you?



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