Vive les volants!

The summer season is a great time for dress lovers like me. Skirts and dresses are just so much better for creating a comfortable and classy style than wearing (bermuda) shorts, don’t you agree? That’s why I wear a lot of skirts and dresses in summer, making sure I can cycle in them of course.

Since I also love adding some kind of feminine touch to my outfits, this simple dress with a few volants is just perfect for me. It is really easy to cycle in and the length is a comfortable one for in the classroom. The dress has got some great features for petites as well, since both monochrome dressing and a high waist make you look taller.

You can see that I am wearing a top under it; always a safe thing to do as a teacher!

Dress: H&M, Ankle boots: Stravers Shoes (previous season), Bag: H&M

If I change the practical and comfortable low heal shoes for a pair of high heel ankle boots, the dress is perfect for a night out as well. Have you already added some volants to your wardrobe this season?



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  1. No, no volants in my wardrobe. You look ever so nice in this dress though. So volants are definitely good for you. I like both shoes with it. I can never resist to add a pop of bright colour to a black and white outfit. But that is personal.

    1. Hi Greetje. That is exactly what is so great about creating your own style: you can play it by your own rules. Thanks for your compliment.

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