The details make the difference in the end

 Shirt: H&M (previous season)

I like this quote from Roger Federer. I can see how it works in sports, I like playing with it in fashion (see both photos) and I know from experience that it works in communication as well. How so?

Well, let’s have a look at the power of using the word yet. It’s only a small word, a small detail in a sentence, but it makes all the difference. It can, when used wisely, do wonders for your self-esteem and for that of others. It can also help achieving goals sooner and more easily. Look at the following examples:

I can’t do it versus I can’t do it yet.

I am not good at it versus I am not good at it yet.

I can’t speak French versus I can’t speak French yet.

I haven’t reached my goal versus I haven’t reached my goal yet.

As a teacher I often use this small word yet and it creates all of the sudden a possibility for a situation in which someone might feel stuck. It really changes the way pupils look at their learning. By simply adding the word yet they will see chances, growth, possibilities, achievable outcomes and more; the list is pretty endless really. I am sure you get the positive picture here. Play with it yourself. Use it whenever you think it might help your pupils, your children, friends, family members and above all yourself. It will have a huge effect!

I would love reading about your experiences. Please share your stories here so they can be an inspiration for others.



 Dress: H&M

If you want to see more of the dress, click here: Vive les volants!


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  1. It’s so true what you’ve pointed out. How powerful words can be. They can break down walls or build impenetrable barriers. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful place if everyone understood their value and used words only with kindness? 🙂

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