My personal 5 fashion rules

Hi! Thanks for popping by.

My name is Lieske and I am a Dutch 40+ teacher of foreign languages in Switzerland. I am small and have got even smaller feet, so you can imagine how challenging it can be to find ‘fashion that fits’. To be honest with you, I want my clothes to have some more qualities than just ‘fitting well’. Let me share my personal 5 fashion rules with you.

My outfits must be:

  1. Comfortable to start with. This certainly applies for my shoes when teaching, but also for my clothes. I want to be able to move around easily the whole day through.
  2. Classy enough to distinguish me from my pupils. Since I am petite, I’d like to be recognized as a teacher by my choice of clothes. It also adds some extra authority if you choose your outfits wisely.
  3. Classy yet casual. Although I love classy, I am also very much aware that I am a teacher, so that means a different style than if I would be working in a bank or for a law firm.
  4. Easy to wear on a bicycle. Being Dutch I cycle to work of course.
  5. Petite friendly. I just love it when an outfit makes me look taller.

Trousers: Tally-Weijl, Top: H&M, Cardigan: Jacqueline de Yong, Shoes: Blox (all previous seasons)

I am very happy to show you on a regular basis how well this mix of personal requirements works for me. It is often about small changes: they can create huge effects. And you know what; this mix works perfectly both inside and outside the classroom, so enjoy the fashion part of my blog. I am sure you will.



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  1. Well… I would wear this outfit in a heartbeat. It looks wonderful. As a matter of fact I hesitate a long time when I bought me yellow flower jacket. As they also had such a jacket in “Delft blue”. I didn’t, but it is still at the back of my mind haha.
    I hope your blog will be hugely successful.

  2. Deze outfit gaat in de gymzaal niet werken.
    Ik heb hele andere dingen waar ik me mee bezig houd…….
    1. Wordt mijn ‘t shirt geen naveltruitje als ik aan de ringen hang?
    2. Blijven mijn borsten netjes op hun plek als ik hardloop?
    3. Hoeveel extra truien moet ik aan als ik een lesobservatie doe van mijn stagiair, vanaf de bank, in de winter, als het niet warmer wordt dan 14 graden in de zaal?
    4. Kleed ik me om, na de les, of loop ik de hele dag in gymoutfit rond?
    5. In hoeverre kan ik het maken om in korte sportbroek buiten les te geven terwijl een korte broek voor AVO-docenten “not done “is?
    En tot slot….Hoe blijf ik de hele dag okselfris!!

    1. Hey zusje. Zoveel uitdagingen en ook nog gekozen als best geklede docente van de school! Good job!

  3. Hi Lieske. Love the outfit 🙂 when you are small people think you can wear anything but it isn’t true – like you say trying to look like a responsible strong adult can be a challenge but this outfit looks great. How do you cope with winter coats? I find long coats make me look like a walking coat with just a little head on top.
    Good luck with the blog 🙂

    1. Thanks for the compliment Angela. I have just bought a summer dress today and will keep my winter coats far, far away for the next few months! I will certainly show some of them when we can enjoy winter wonderland again. Sunny greetings for now!

  4. Amazing pictures but this doesn’t surprise me with the great woman on it! I like your dressing style. It just looks perfect!

  5. I love this outfit dear Lieske!It sure says a lot about you and that you put a lot of wise thoughts and considerations into the choice of it! Happy blogging! Steffy 😃

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